The Easiest Way To Attract New Clients

—is to have them find you when they are ready.

When a new client needs help, they do what everyone else does when they are trying to find something. They are going to Google. If they are not finding you, they are finding someone else. And of course, if they do find you, does your webpage match your level of expertise. If you have an amateur website, they will assume you are an amateur. People really do judge a book by its cover – make your look as good as your services.

I am Dr. Richard Nongard and I build brilliant websites that match your level of expertise.

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Your website needs a therapist

I know what clients are looking for, I know the keywords they are searching on Google. As a licensed psychotherapist and expert in language structures, I know what message they respond to. I am an expert is the language of sales, and writing copy that converts websurfers to clients in your office.


The Sooner You Start, The Sooner The Calls Come

You can get started today. Usually we complete work within 14 days, often sooner. The best part? I will also provide you with video tutorials and tools so you can maximize your impact and be found online!

SEO Optimized

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If your website does not have good SEO, it does not matter how wonderful it is. Nobody will see it. It is not true, “Build it and they will come!” A website must have keywords clients are searching for, these must be embedded in the images, text, and website tags. We use Yoast SEO and get a green light on every single content page.

Premium WP Themes

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The theme you use is the frame that lets you not only create stunningly beautiful websites, but also lets you expand and successfully integrate social media, online shopping and digital downloads, and features like client scheduling, secure forms, and even client billing services. We only use licensed premium WP themes to create our webpages.

Award Winning Visual Appeal

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We only create stunningly brilliant websites. Dr. Richard Nongard understands the psychology of color, the flow of a sales message, and the importance of images in communicating powerful messages. Xuan is Richard’s associate, his father is known worldwide for his art. Xuan has had a lifelong eye for detail and beauty and this will transform your message.

Control and Security

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I hear from therapists who have had a template service promising easy online design, after investing time and money they often discover that they don’t really own the website, that they can’t move it or make changes – and in many cases they even lose their domain name! We backup  all your files, we help you register your name, and we provide you with administrative access so you always control your own website.

Personalized Designs
For Your

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Have Your Own Brilliant Webpage This Week. Start Getting New Clients.

We are ready to being your project this week

By starting today, you are getting into Google quicker and starting to generate new calls and new clients sooner. Although we will finish your project in about 10 days, it often takes Google a few weeks to index and search sites, and so you want to act quickly and be discovered sooner.

You are getting a high quality website, built for you, by a therapist who knows what clients are really looking for. Activate your success now, and start making more money. A good website pays for itself, sometimes with just one new client!

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Start being discovered by new clients now

Imagine having your own website that you can be proud of. One that matches your level of expertise. Clients do judge you by your first impressions – and having a brilliant webpage creates that first impression.
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We Give You More

far better than a template service or a website built without personal attention

  • A customized five page starter website, with keyword terms, custom text, and your picture/video
  • Homepage, About/Contact Page, Services Offered Page, Specialty/Focus Page, Blog Page
  • Further pages can be developed and added at any time for additional fee
  • Optional e-commerce page that lets you sell digital products or collect fees
  • Username and administrative passwords for your access
  • Unlimited revisions/additions during the first 14 days
  • Licensed premium WordPress theme
  • All graphics and software are appropriately licensed to you when required
  • 20-minute telephone consult to establish the best way to customize this site for you
  • BONUS: We will write you first blog post and help you understand SEO
  • BONUS: We will create a “video owners manual” showing you with screen shots how to access your page, make changes and see how many visitors you have

Personalized For You

You can think of our services as therapy for websites.
We discover what you goal is
and create a page that gets outcomes.

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